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Course Notes

Many of these resources are handouts from the Embodied Facilitator Course. Notes labelled 1 or 2 roughly equate to the BOL side of this package and 4 and 5 to the BOC part. These are offered for your personal use and we'd appreciate it if you didn't use them for …


Work Giving Presentations/ Pitches Teams Coaching Embodied Work in the Corporate World HR Time Management Selling Job Interview and First Dates Play Being Attractive Creativity Embodied Spirituality Embodied Spirituality with Francis Briers Challenges Addiction Trauma Working with Conflict Managing Stress Relationships How to Be a Wonderful Parent How to Be …

The Unconscious

Introduction to Shadow Shadow Exercises and Algorithms Body Listening Ethical Intuition, Violence and Trauma Nature and the Body Place and the Body – Brighton beach-front

Impact and Influence

Introduction to Impact and Influence How to be Awesome Working with Values Working with Virtues Working with Purpose Working with Identity and Place Leadership Timing Declarations work Embodied Vision and Direction


Leadership Introduction Paired Leading and Following Exercises Yielding and Resisting Competition Fundamental Relational Capacities Fundamental Relational Capacities – Boundaries


Why Emotions Matter Why Emotions Matter – exercises Why Emotions Matter – exercises Emotional Self-regulation Disposition Empathy Empathy – exercises Embodied Defending Body Reading Introduction Range


Introduction to Centring Centring Applications Basic Relaxation Centring Basic Wake-up Centring Enquiry and Values Centring Full Centring Centring With Partner Centring under Bokken Tissue Throwing Centring Proximity and Eye-contact Centring Centring – Further Partner Exercises Centring – Group Jostling The Myth of Energy Introduction to Rhythm and seasons model Seasons …

Fundamental Models

Yin and Yang Intro Portraits of Yin and Yang in the world Chest vs Belly Breathing Yin and Yang Paired Working with Yes and No Yes and No Further Exercises Introduction to 4 Elements Earth Water Fire Air Conversational Four Elements Developing yourself with the 4 Elements Introduction 6 Direction …