The Body of Coaching is the world’s first in-depth video learning package for coaches to learn about working pragmatically with the body.

BOC for life and executive coaches who would like to learn practical techniques and deepen their own understanding and embodied presence. It also covers group-work techniques so would be useful for group facilitators from business trainers to yoga and dance teachers.

  • 15 practical tools you can use immediately with clients for powerful results
  • how to work safety with the body and mistakes to avoid to not re-traumatise people
  • the next-generation, most rational, “non-guru”, multiple-perspectives approach to embodiment
  • How to make working with the body business-friendly and sell it!
  • an overview of the philosophy, science, history and theory of the field
  • what are the four types of embodied intelligence are and how to develop them in yourself and with clients
  • how to work cross-culturally with the body
  • how to do embodied coaching creatively your way using tools you already have (principles-led approach)
  • what embodied coaching and training excellence actually looks like
  • common mistakes to avoid in leading groups sessions with the body
  • how to build your own embodied presence
  • how humour and music can help, and when they don’t
  • how to help clients quickly and easily self-regulate better under pressure
  • pleasure and pro-social centring techniques you won’t find anywhere else
  • how to design practices for lasting behavioural change with clients
  • Exercises for exploring stress, team building, boundaries, intuition, leadership, time-management, intimate relationships and much more!

Includes access to many demonstration coaching sessions so you can see the work in action, extras with a number of different embodiment trainers such as Paul Linden to see different styles, and in-depth written notes.

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